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5 Great Party Bus Game Ideas (for Kids and Adults)

Naturally, party buses are designed to entertain and provide fun during the course of the trip from one location to the next. They are ideal for parties. They keep the fun going. They have all the amenities required to entertain everybody who is on board. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you are limited in the choice of activities to do to keep everybody on the same page. In this respect, it would be great to consider a few party bus game ideas.

Games offer everybody a chance to do more than just dance and drink.

Below are a few game ideas to consider.

Trivia games

You can never go wrong with trivia games. Mix them up with board and card games, which everybody always seems to love playing. These games go well with the atmosphere of fun and entertainment you are trying to create. There is a massive selection of different types of board, trivia and card games worth considering. Be as wild as you possibly can to derive the maximum pleasure and fun out of playing the following:

  1. Go Fish
  2. Uno
  3. Cards Against Humanity
  4. Apples to Apples
  5. The Game of Life


Parties are no fun without plenty of music and fun! A party bus already has everything you need to enjoy both. Prepare a master playlist that encourages dancing. However, ensure that the dancing is safe enough considering the bus is moving and not stagnant. Always confirm the type of music and sound system the party bus has before delving into this. Make the dancing competitive. Carry all the other devices you need to enjoy the dancing.

Sing Offs

Sing offs are also fun, especially when done amidst all the blaring music and dancing that takes place inside the party bus. What is more, the sing-offs help in bonding, especially if some of the people inside the party bus are unfamiliar with the other guests. Divide the guests into small groups. Ask each group to prepare a song the members can sing. Restrict them to specific themes, especially the one around which the party revolves.


The game of charades never gets old. It is as fresh as ever before. It is classic in every sense of the word too. Give each charade a theme that fits the party. Alternatively, create themes from randomly selected topics. Ask the guests for a few ideas. Separate the group into smaller groups. Let them know the prize that is up for grabs for the team that emerges tops. The prize should be available on the next stop or when the bus gets to its destination.

Who am I?

Lastly, consider playing the “Who am I?” game too. It is fun. It will keep the entire group occupied and in top spirits until the bus reaches its destination. The game is similar to the one known as Twenty Questions. Preprint names of celebrities early. Get celebrities from politicians, movie actors, cartoon characters, sporting icons or some of the most notable criminals you can remember.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these game ideas.  If you plan on renting a party bus in NYC, please consider giving us a call first.

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