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5 NYC Nightlife Hot Spots for Your Night on the Town

NYC has been recognized as the city that never sleeps, and it lives up to this as there are many NYC nightlife hotspots that you can go to whether you are in the city for a few days or live there. Choosing a spot in NYC that you can go to and spend some quality time can be a hard task especially if you’re just new to the city. But don’t worry. Below are some of the top spots as narrowed down by us to ensure you know the spot to go to whether you want to watch a film, grab a few drinks or dance the night away.

Film Forum

For most millennials, Film Forum may be old-fashioned seeing that they have grown up in the age of IMAX theatres. But for real film lovers, it’s an opportunity to experience the golden age of the cinema. Besides, the Film Forum happens to be the only non-profit cinema in the whole of New York. Initially, when Film Forum opened, it only had 50 folding chairs and one projector but has over the years grown to feature three screens and showcases American classics, new independent American releases as well as foreign art films.


Mezzrow is the go-to place for any jazz lovers. The club is a great place to find and listen to some established musicians as well as up and coming ones while enjoying a Manhattan and snacking on a charcuterie. The basement jazz club was named after Milton ‘Mezz’ Mezzrow, a musician. While you can do a walk in, it’s better to be safe than sorry by ensuring you make a reservation so that you get to sample some of the best music.

The Woodstock

The Woodstock is another old-fashioned but intimate joint to check out or hang out. With portraits of Jimi Hendrix and JFK purple billiards table and old wood panels, you get a feeling of the golden days. The joint has communal tables that are ideal when you need to munch on your food. What sets The Woodstock apart is their cocktail menu that has great drinks that are fairly priced in the city on New York.

Rose Gold

Most people don’t consider a night out one unless they dance their soils away. Rose Gold is the perfect spot if you are looking to wish away the night by jamming to some great DJ mixes. Rose Gold is an underground dance club with great artsy and plays home to some great DJs at nights, weekly bashes and offers live music some nights. With the great choices of cocktails, you can be sure your night will be a memorable one.

Brooklyn Heights Social Club

Now, if you’re looking for a nice spot to hang out that allows you to have a great view of Manhattan, Brooklyn Heights Social Club is the place for you to visit. Located at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, it gives a spectacular view of the waterfront and is sometimes frequented by top celebrities.

We hope you’ve found this list of 5 nightlife destinations useful.  If you are planning a night on the town, consider a NYC party bus, which is a great way to transport groups around the city with ease and comfort.

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